Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Stuffing

From Georgia fan Steve:
If things fall into place, every BCS conference champ could have at least 2 losses, yet the title game might include two teams that finished 2nd and 3rd in their conference. It amazes me no one is discussing this scenario. I know you are a Bama fan, but talk about some bullshit. And yes, I am still not over 2007.

ACC: Clemson
Big East: Someone terrible
Big Ten: MSU or PSU/Wisky
Big-12: Oklahoma
Pac-12: Oregon or UCLA/Utah
SEC: Georgia
I would say that you're not, Steve.

I can't sit here and say that this all "won't happen", because the last week and a half of college football has pretty much proven to me that just about anything can happen.

Alabama fans should rejoice in this - just to think that you cold actually be better off NOT going to the SEC title game. Pretty crazy.

As for Bulldog Steve's scenarios, I've seen Georgia play football in person this year. And while they are playing much better than the weekend I saw Chris Relf overthrow Sanford Stadium, I'm not sure the SEC East Bulldogs can match up physically with Alabama or LSU.

Georgia's turned out to be a pretty good football team - especially since they remembered they had Isaiah Crowell in the backfield. He's getting about 4 more carries a game since September, and reports are that he's back in a regular jersey (no more non-contact - that's for wusses). He needs to be getting it 22-25 times a game. Your best player, give him the ball. I'm hopeful he'll crack 1,000 yards this weekend against the Yellow Jackets.

On to business. Since it's Turkey Day, here are some items to be thankful for:

Detroit +4'
Baltimore -3
Texas/Texas A&M under 53'

Go fill up that belly.