Monday, February 6, 2012

TBLTT Speaks For All Of Us

I know I spend a fair amount of time listening to radio in the greater Birmingham area, as my 3,300+ miles a month on the road will attest. (Yup, over 3k.) And most of that time is spent on JOX, but when the callers do drive me beyond my patience, I'll scan around, and as you may know, we lost a good one with the change of the calendar.

Regional Celebrity Tom Banks sums it up:

That station was never the same after they took Tony Kurre out of the afternoons. Even having him on the mornings at JOX at the same time, TK could come in and voice track a rock show, and it was as good as anything you could ask for. Like Tom Banks, I grew up on Tone the Bone, Lori Ray, Blaze Man, and Orlando.

So the next time you hear "Won't Get Fooled Again", be sure to pour out a little of your Keystone Light for one of the great, but now fallen, radio stations.

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