Tuesday, May 22, 2012

At First I Asked 'Why?' - Then I Had A Great Idea

This came across the Twitter feed:

Nick Swardson on WhoSay

Grown Ups 2? Really?

It must be a good living being Adam Sandler's friends. That should be the movie being made - Sandler's List.

The pitch for Sandler's List:
Where C-list celebs latch on to their one A-list buddy so that they can star in his movies. Sandler keeps his list of buddies, and his buddies will do anything to stay on - and keep others off - this golden ticket. It's all about keeping the big guy 'Happy' and they'll do anything to keep their name there. Hilarity ensues as these has-been talents and never-should-of-beens team up in this summer comedy.

Starring Kevin James, David Spade, Peter Dante, Nick Swardson, Chris Rock (what happened, Chris?), and Rob "The Animal" Schneider as themselves, this dynamic crew fends off each other as well as challenging Hollywood-moochers Pauly Shore, Corey Feldman, Leif Garrett, Dustin Diamond, and Zachary Ty Bryan.

With a surprise scene-stealing performance by Danny Bonaduce, it seems like everyone wants to be on Sandler's List!!