Monday, May 14, 2012


If you're into sci-fi, or just listen to whatever Tim Robbins says... maybe they are right. The corporations are taking over.

And, it appears, starting their own non-countries.

From Tecca:
The Blueseed vessel will be more of a floating city than an actual ship, and will come complete with work and living spaces, outdoor areas, and sports and leisure activities. The idea is that startups and solo entrepreneurs will leave their terrestrial lives almost completely, and call the Blueseed ship their primary home.
It'd be curious to know what it would mean for the people living there. Would there be police? Can you have laws without a country (or governing body)?

Maybe it'd end up like Thunderdome. Or that little city in Waterworld where Dennis Hopper gets his eye shot out.

Pretty wild if this actually gets pulled off.