Friday, July 27, 2012

'12 vs '92. Let's Leave This One Alone Folks. Non-Debatable.

This is getting ridiculous.

Now LeBron says they could beat the '92 team. Why even go there? (Actually, I understand why it happens - because reporters don't stop asking the question.)

Here's how he (and everyone else) should answer this:

"You know, it's a fun question, and it would be fun to go up against a team that had 11 Hall of Famers. But until we've got a time machine to help get us all together, I'm not sure that we'll get a chance to try. So I guess they are still and will always be the original Dream Team."

See? Easy enough.

Kobe, LeBron, and the rest need to have someone tell them you can't win on these things. Just swallow the pride a tip your cap, smile, and say that you don't know if you could of beat them - they were awfully good. Anything else is doomed to fail and fall to the boisterous critics. (I haven't heard Skip Bayless on this, but I bet he's being loud about it. Just a hunch.)

Now - could '12 beat '92?

No way in hell.

We can sit and debate the MJ versus Kobe, Magic versus LeBron, Pippen versus Durant, Barkley versus Love (really - we need to compare that?), and the rest - we can debate all that. Some '12 guys may get the checkmark.

But there is ONE comparison that ends all this.

Ewing ain't pretty, but
Tyson Chandler ain't going
over the top of him.
Tyson Chandler versus Patrick Ewing. (And David Robinson wasn't too bad either.)

No way the '92 team with all that talent in the backcourt - and also defensive prowess - doesn't absolutely own the paint with Ewing in the middle. Tyson Chandler may be just fine on the pick and roll, but he's not running into Ewing at the rim. With Barkley/Malone rotating from the help side? Come on, now.

'92 vs '12 - '12 doesn't have a shot.

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