Sunday, July 29, 2012

Michael Dyer Doing His Best Jimmy Johns Impression

Well, if you haven't heard - now you have. Mike Dyer has been dismissed from the Arkansas State football team.

It's really been an odd career, hasn't it? Kid sets the freshman rushing record at Auburn (beating Bo Jackson's first year - not shabby), gets named MVP of the National Championship game, and now he's not on a football team.

Any resemblance?
I won't say it's Maurice Clarett, but on paper, it's close.

And it's probably easy to go with the 'bonehead' label for Dyer. And best I can tell, the title fits. Shame, really. Maybe he can hook up with Stephen Garcia in the CFL.

I actually don't think we've seen the last of Michael Dyer. Perhaps not in college at any major level, but I think an NFL team would take a fifth or sixth round flyer on a guy that put up 1,000 yards in the SEC. Twice.

Hopefully someone gets a hold of him, or Dyer gets a hold of himself. There's a lot to lose here for him, and Maurice Clarett is a great poster child for what can happen when you A) have a history of poor decisions and B) will be removed from a team environment/structure for a full year. Not good.

So, good luck, Mike?

It's also worth noting how this reflects on Gus Malzahn. Is this a positive thing? He kicks off the guy who followed him to Arkansas State? Dyer obviously wasn't on the best of terms with Chizik, so maybe Dyer had no choice but to go.

This can go either way. Kudos to Malzahn for not allowing trouble into the locker room, or Malzahn can't handle a troubled player that followed him to his new school. What's the real story?

Malzahn really is an interesting story, isn't he? Can he co-exist with anyone over a period of time? Not Houston Nutt, Not Gene Chizik... and I guess not Michael Dyer.

In the end, it'll all be determined on the field - Malzahn's either going to win and move back to the big league, and Dyer's going to get his head on straight and make it to the NFL.

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