Friday, July 27, 2012

Ralph Cindrich Knows Not Where He Treads

Ralph Cindrich.
Lawyer. Agent. Adult.
Hot Head.
All this business with Ralph Cindrich's comments about having "stuff" on Nick Saban, insinuating that The Process has been less than on the up-and-up, has really caught my curiosity.

Particularly, Cindrich's Twitter feed.

I think you can tell a fair amount from someone's Twitter feed. And in this instance, Cindrich appears to be a hot head and not the most mature dude around.

I've had plenty of fun with the Alabama fan base - to describe them as volatile would be a bit of an understatement - but I've never made anything up to stir the pot. (Or at least nothing I recall that wasn't absolutely obviously a joke.) But I think this dude unknowingly entered a world of pain.

And while I would find it hysterical on the Alabama fans and their reactions - I recall the Phyllis from Mulga phone-ins to Finebaum during the Fulmer/NCAA investigation series - what I don't find cool is when people claim to have 'dirt' on someone but never produce.

Remember Scott Moore's claims of the Cam Newton tapes? Never produced them. I didn't think that was too cool, and it backfired on Alabama fans who championed it as the smoking gun to bring Auburn down. Auburn fans were initially messing their pants, but once Moore never released the tapes, they laughed away.

I'm fairly confident that's where this is heading. Cindrich will be (is) harassed by Alabama fans (isn't social media great?) to spill the goods - because they've seen this movie before. Cindrich won't release or prove anything, and it eventually goes away.

It's clear to me that Cindrich didn't know the level of shit he was stepping in. You don't throw out claims on these fan bases. He's mad about Penn State, and is slinging mud wherever he can - but he's picked a bigger dog. Bad choice, and he'll end up looking the fool.

And, by looking at his Twitter feed, he already is looking that way. Here are my favorites:

Well done, Stacy. You kept Clay Travis out of it with
the proper "you're" usage.

1) Avella, PA is on the WV/PA border. It's unincorporated,
so I don't know if those are mean streets or not.
2) If you don't want to know them, why respond
on Twitter?

Whoop his ass, Bo!
(And that's a real man's 'stache.)

Ralph is def Zen. Like Phil Jackson.

Chris must be from Missouri.

Haha. Shove it.

Save you the trouble - I Google'd it - that's not her in the pic.

I wonder how many "eff you's" Mr. July 6th gives out a day?
Sunrise, mid-morning...

Damn, Nick! Can't leave the door open like that.
Attention to all fans - when you go public with written arguments -
you really need to read it before you send it. Little spellcheck.


If there's a lesson at all here - most of these people are adults. Think about that.

And yes, I am on Twitter. You should give me a follow. I'm nicer than Ralph Cindrich. @harry_long