Monday, August 27, 2012

The Re-Casting of Space Jam

LeBron James was asked, and he responded. He'd like to be in Space Jam 2.

Maybe that'd work? Since LeBron has been able to do everything else he's ever been asked (and we know he can dance), I'm sure he could match the acting skills of Michael Jordan.

Watch Space Jam as an adult - you'll see what I mean.

CBS Sports was pretty clever and asked the question of who should be recast as the NBA players for Space Jam 2. Here's my lineup:

There they are: Bradley, Barkley, Ewing, Mugsy, & Larry
1) Yao Ming - huge international box office opportunity.
2) Kevin Love - funny guy, plays same position as Barkley, and great for the social media promotion of the movie
3) Kendrick Perkins - Not the player that Ewing was, but could double in the movie as an angry genie.
4) Nate Robinson - no more to be said.
5) Lamar Odom - because he needs the work, and the Kardashian connection could bring the female audience.

Perhaps the alien team would consist of a 19 year old Kevin Garnett, Joakim Noah, Popeye Jones, Charlie Villanueva, and Chris Andersen.

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