Saturday, September 22, 2012

Confidence Again, 4th Edition

Did you know that the alternate keyboard key for 4 is '$'? You should, because it's right in front of you...

Let's call it Week $.

5-1 so far on confidence picks. It's all about what we KNOW.

Today's confidence:

Early game, so get moving. My boy Ron Higgins is down in New Orleans, and just put out that there is NO ONE in the Super Dome. That place is going to have no atmosphere, like a black hole for energy. Tulane's on something like their 5th string QB, and I also think it takes lots of teams a quarter or so to wake up on those 11a kicks.

Ole Miss/Tulane UNDER 53

He's let me down once this year, but don't do it to me again, Steve. Connor Shaw's got the start, and I believe he's going to let it fly. (When he should have Shaw run QB draws, because that is his best play.) A cover in this game is all on Shaw's shoulders. I'm confident that he'll deliver. And despite a grand three quarter effort against Georgia, Mizzou ain't ready for prime time, and we're getting to prime time.

Sahkerlina -10 vs. Mizzou

I'm off to take it all in. Check me on Twitter for more.

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