Saturday, September 8, 2012

Confidence Rules Again, Week 2

College football, Week 2.

Not too bad last week with the new confidence strategy. 2-0, and if Alabama plays like that the rest of the year (which isn't easy), I'm not sure who can beat them.

This week, we are doing the same strategy - go with what we KNOW, NOT what we THINK.

Here's what we know:

Auburn @ Mississippi State
Here's Chris Relf overthrowing someone.
Tyler Russell couldn't beat him out.
A couple of QBs, that in my view haven't won me over. Auburn doesn't have passing game weapons beyond the QB either. (Lutzenkirchen isn't exactly a deep threat.) State is rolling with Tyler Russell, who I liked in years' past, but only because the other option was Chris Relf - and the dude couldn't beat out Chris Relf. Tells me enough about his potential.

Plus, it's a morning game, the cowbells won't be as bourbon-infused, and - most importantly - it's an SEC game. It's going to fast players on the defensive side of the football.

What we KNOW is to take the under. (I got at 49', I've seen 48' - take it, buy a half if you can.)


Another thing we know:

USC @ Syracuse
Lane Kiffin don't play, and he wants a Heisman winner for recruiting purposes. Huge numbers for Barkley again, USC in a total route.

USC -25'

Do what you need to do.

**Earlier post had a brain fart with USC playing Washington. Another one of those looking at something else while typing deals.

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