Monday, September 10, 2012

Ladies (& Football Fan Bases) Love A Guy On A Motorbike

Every girl's crazy 'bout
a sharp dressed man.
Boy oh boy - it is now a legit discussion. Everybody wants Bobby Petrino.

And we aren't even talking about Tennessee fans. (Yet.)

I thought that the Petrino fire would last at least until October before teams/universities/athletic directors/fans would start to realize that nobody cares about people's transgressions as long as they are winning.

Gene's getting the heat.
Auburn fans were all over sports talk today clamoring for the dude. It's like this fan base is looking for a reason to put their coach on the hot seat. Prior to the season, you'd hear the "What has he done without Cam Newton?" rants. I'm all for a coaching controversy, and I understand that the numbers aren't overly impressive (a couple of 8-5 seasons) - but it was just 54 weeks ago that Auburn was the defending national champs.

I'm not overly impressed with where Auburn is right now, but this isn't the first time that Auburn has been without playmakers on the offensive end. Maybe Tiger fans are panicking like they did with Tuberville after Saban had arrived. That's not an Alabama-guy shot I'm taking. Tubs had just won 6 of 7 against Alabama, but the et. al. of Auburn didn't like how they felt about the direction and sent Tommy packing.

In defense of the headhunters, 54 weeks ago - you also had Gus Malzahn. Maybe Auburn fans need to add him to the candidate list.

But who else wants Petrino? According to Facebook and Twitter, Hog fans. Boy, that was a mad group about 11:00 Saturday night. To quote a Hog-friendly friend of mine:
Thanks Jeff Long for firing BMFP, but hey, like you said, at least our program has integrity...and now a loss to a Sun Belt team. What a joke...wins are what matters, brings in money, fills the seats, and wins championships, NOT integrity.
Followed up by:
Awesome...the Hog loss was just the lead story to start off Sportscenter. "Integrity goes a Long way." What a joke...
Paul still loves the Hogs, but he - and a lot of other Arkansas fans - ain't happy.

This is the risk you take with the high road. Like with Petrino, there are consequences for your actions. The question here is, a year from now, who will have better consequences - Arkansas football or Bobby Petrino?

I think we all know the real answer to that question.

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