Saturday, September 1, 2012

New Year, New Strategy?

Okay, so you'll know - I've been pretty good on baseball this year. Mostly because I take games that I know who is going to win. (Know = really damn confident)

Nothing says confidence like Steve.
I'm going to try and adopt that strategy this year with college football. Fewer games, more confidence. Because what would happen would be that I'd go 3-2 and end up with $30. That's really no good. It was great on the days when I'd go 5-0, but let's be honest, there weren't too many of those.

So there you have it. Fewer games, more confidence, 2012.

(Editor's note: This had been the strategy going into to Thursday and Friday, and I Harry did not follow the strategy. He currently sits at 1-3 on the year.)

From a Facebook conversation with my boy Roberto this morning:
Roberto: Who you liking today Longschanks?

Me: Lot of confidence in Alabama - look for them to hang back and force Denard to throw, and bring pressure when ball is on a far hash and push him to side with less room to scramble.
I took bama early and have them at -12'. If you can get below 14, do it.

Also like Clemson. Auburn losing their center less than a week out + an inexperienced QB isn't good against a Dabo defense.
And I believe this. Even more so with Michigan suspending their best running back. The only pause and why I don't like the number creeping up too high is that Alabama does not regularly score lots of points, and I don't see that time-of-possession philosophy changing. They like to make defenses work. So, if it's still achievable to grab at less than two full touchdowns, make the play.

Auburn with just too many question marks against a team that under-performed (to a degree) last year. Dabo spent a great amount of time on the hot seat last year, and then fooled around and won the ACC - and gets NO credit. This is a team (and coach) with something to prove. A high-profile win over an SEC school can help with that.

Couple that with not believing that Kiehl Frazier became John Elway in the offseason and the suspension of Auburn's center a few days out from the game, I see a lot of potential for confusion that Dabo's defense will be sure to create. Take the Tigers, Clemson.

And really, that's it. Sorry, just bet bigger, but with more confidence.

What I got:
Alabama -12'
Clemson -3

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