Saturday, September 15, 2012

Semana Tres de Confianza

Back to what we know, because what we've known so far has been pretty good to us. 3-1 on confidence plays this year, and I've got more this week.

Texas at Ole Miss, and it's ONLY ten points on the spread? Vegas is buying into some Hugh Freeze story that I haven't read yet. Texas has been down for a few years, but they are still bigger, faster, and stronger than the SEC West's worst team. Like two touchdowns or more bigger, faster, and stronger.

So, yeah, Texas -10. #AintSkeered

And next, is Tennessee a lot better than I think they are? Would seem that people think that way since they are FAVORITES going into Knoxville.

That's crazy. Now, I've been one of the least impressed people with Florida so far this year - the team is an offensive disaster, in my opinion. But I don't think they will be letting anyone who wants to get behind their safeties like the Vols did against NC State 2 weeks ago.

Florida may not be Spurrier or Urban Florida, but they ain't NC State. Let's not get caught up in Derek Dooley hope.

I don't even need the points here. Wrong team favored, whatever you want to say.

Take Florida +130 on the moneyline and save the extra dough for that new iPhone.

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