Sunday, September 2, 2012

The ATWOB SEC Scorecard

Well, it seems that Nick Saban continues to find large, fast, and strong young men to play football for him. Problem is, his young men are larger, faster, and stronger than your young men. If Alabama plays like that every weekend, I'm not sure who is going to beat them.

Auburn had the effort, but you could see that the inexperience at QB put them in a bad spot late, with Frazier taking sacks with no timeouts. With experience, the decision making will come.

Big winner of the weekend? The great Derek Dooley. Big win over NC State moves him up the ATWOB SEC Rankings - where the league's performance is judged against my prognostications. If you do as predicted, no points. If you win an undecided, plus one. Win or lose a game that you shouldn't have, plus or minus two.

It's just that easy.

The scorecard:

Updated scorecard - click to enlarge.

And the standings after Week 1...

Tennessee: +2
Everybody Else: Even

Keep in mind that it will be impossible for Alabama or LSU to win this scorecard, because they should win every game. This is a scorecard against expectations.

Look for some possible shakeups next week, as I was more than unimpressed with Florida. Still seems to be just an empty suit at QB in Gainesville. I also have no read at this point on State and Auburn. That one should be a good game, played ugly.

Post-script: It was just pointed out to me who the weekend's biggest loser was - Floyd Mayweather. Betting $3 million against Nick Saban only makes him angry, Floyd. You know better.

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