Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 5, Confidence Rules


Just saying.

So what do we KNOW today?

Well, I KNOW that Ohio State is better than Michigan State. And I KNOW that Urban Meyer has esophageal issues. But that won't matter today. Ohio State will score and score again today. AND they are catching points. I'll let you have them, I'd take them straight up.

Ultimate, outside-the-SEC confidence: Ohio State +120

Next up, I'm going back to my man. Who is apparently now living a life of vengeance.

South Carolina at Kentucky. Steve's on a war path against Ron Morris, and sadly, he'll be taking it out on Joker Phillips. To compound it, Kentucky's administration spent last night denying that Joker had resigned.

Not good for the Wildcats.

South Carolina -20. No sweat.

Confidence is the way to go.

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