Saturday, October 20, 2012

Confidence, the Ocho

Alright, good morning to everyone. Let's make this a prosperous day. Whatever prosperous means to you, go for that.

We are 12-2 on the year by going with confidence. Should of been doing this all along. This week, it is simple and it is tricky.

First game is Alabama @ Tennessee. I've had Bama fans in the last 24 hours talk to me about being concerned about Tennessee's passing game and worried that they could jump out on Bama early.


Alabama's three defensive levels are all top-notch, and will come into the game looking to totally deflate the Vols. Erik Ainge was no help to the Volunteers this week. It's also worth noting that Nick Saban really seems to hold a value on this game. Winning it means something to him, as he always mentions how big this win is for the school each year. That's all I need to know. AJ can wear his brace all he wants. TJ Yeldon with 2 scores in his inaugural 3rd Saturday in October.

CONFIDENCE: Alabama -20

Over to College Station. No bomb threat as far as I'm concerned. I think there are a lot of people who are thinking that Texas A&M can put up some points. But I'm sure they are mistaken - Texas A&M is about to run into a real SEC defense. Any trips to the redzone will leave points on the board for A&M, as they'll be putting up 3s instead of 7s. And that'll cost them, but not us.


Let's keep this merry-go-round spinning.

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