Saturday, October 13, 2012

Confidence Supported By An Air Mattress, Week 7

Today confidence comes from an air mattress in Oxford, MS, as I am here to witness the continuation of a debacle of a season. I don't know what Mrs. Chizik was up to, and I don't think that whatever it was that she was up to was what she ended up doing. (Now that is a sentence for my 11th grade English teacher.)

Regardless of my grammatical extensions, Auburn seems to be in quite a pickle. I hear that Moseley is going to start at QB for the mighty Auburn Tigers. Well, here's what I know...

Clint Moseley ain't good. And everybody who's been watching the last two years knows that, too. Kiehl Frazier? Well, he hasn't been consistently good, but he has shown a flash or two.

At least with Frazier you can hold on to 'hope'. With Moseley, there is no hope.

But what this sniffs to me, in the larger picture, is a desperate coaching staff. For real - this Auburn coaching staff is in danger of not winning a single conference game. Like, Woody Widenhofer territory.

And nobody wanted Woody.

Yeah, I think this is a panic move. I was telling my Auburn fans last night that with Moseley at QB, I bet that Auburn will try to keep their game to under 100 total plays. If they snap the ball before 5 seconds in the play clock, I will be beyond surprised.

Which leads me to the important stuff...

WE ARE 11-1 so far this year, by the way.

What do I know for tomorrow? With how I expect Auburn to try to navigate this game, we are going low, shorty.

CONFIDENCE: Auburn/Ole Miss UNDER 49

Next up, I don't know what everybody's thinking when I hear all this positive talk about Tennessee. Mississippi State's going to win 10 games this year. I've already told you that. Why won't you listen???

CONFIDENCE: Mississippi State -2'

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