Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hot Seats

I got to checking out Coaches Hot Seat Rankings this afternoon, and down near the bottom (which is better for the coach), I saw a name that kind-of surprised me: Dan Mullen.

It's all subjective, but I do think it's pretty interesting how six weeks and a 5-0 record can totally change things for a football coach. Mullen came into this year with a donut against anyone in the SEC West that wasn't Ole Miss. Expectations had been all over the place - some met, some not.

Mullen's sitting in that cool, cool green.
I've been calling it - State's going to win 10 games this year. But to see the support (stability) swing so well. Mullen started out the year at #94 (higher the number, the cooler the seat) and now finds himself at #113. Just 11 slots below Nick Saban, who has a pretty secure gig.

I've already harped on this earlier today, but to compare how dramatic a little over a month of football can really be...

Preseason Coaches Hot Seat Ranking
#91 Gene Chizik.
In the neighborhood with Bronco Medenhall, Steve Addazio, and Frank Solich. Pretty stable guys.

And on Tuesday, Oct. 9th?
#3 Gene Chizik
Now hanging out with Derek Dooley (#2), Jeff Tedford (#4), and Joker Phillips (#5). Pretty toasty crew.

Please note that this is not an anti-Auburn blog site. I personally couldn't care less. But these situations fascinate me. Ask anyone who was around me during the Francione/Price/Shula debacle. I loved every second of it. So don't consider this piling on - it's kind of just what is going on right now.

And Gene's in that hot red.
That's 88 slots in the wrong direction. And by no means is Coaches Hot Seat scientific, but what percentage of the guy's in Chizik's company on that ranker will be at their school next season?

50%? Is that high?

Gene Chizik is 14 months removed from being the defending national champion. Now he's #3 on the hottest seats in college football.

So, uh... more attractive job or less attractive job?


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