Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tuberville's Revenge?

Reporting LIVE from Oxford, MS!! As if that makes much of a difference, but whatever.

I'm sitting at a table with a load of Auburn fans who all they can say is how bad their team is. They're not angry, upset, distraught, none of that. It's like they've hit a wall of acceptance.

I'm glad I'm with these Auburn fans and not the looney tune faction. Because if I was, I think it'd be a different story.

As I type this (on an iPhone, which is awful for doing +140 characters), Tommy Tuberville's Red Raiders are up 35-7 on the #5 team in the country.

It would surprise me if there wasn't some faction of Auburn fans that, after watching the loss to Ole Miss today, are thinking, "We ran off Tommy Tuberville for THIS?"

From beating Alabama six times in a row to very possibly not winning a conference game.

Even though Tommy wasn't getting along with ANYONE towards the end (it seemed like everyone wanted to make each other's life miserable), I've always felt that pushing him out was a bit of a panic move.

And with what all has happened today, it continues to look more and more like a bad move.

I wonder if Tubs takes any enjoyment in all this. He has to, right? Do a great job for about ten years, get run off, and while there has been some success - let's not totally forget about that national title - his successor is getting the same grief he used to get.

And HE is about to pull off a huge win for his new school.

I can't say Tommy would be doing any better at Auburn today, and his success today may or may not have anything to do with his time at Auburn. But I think Tuberville is getting the last laugh today.

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