Friday, November 9, 2012

Confidence, Week 11

Yeah buddy. That's 17-3 on the year. It's like magic. All this time, and we never knew what we had.


On to the week at hand. We don't have to go far to find confidence - just go either direction out of Birmingham, and you'll find it.

Alabama welcomes Johnny Manziel to Tuscaloosa, but they hype is going to be a bit much. Against good defenses, Manziel has been good - but it takes more than good to move the ball against Alabama. Bama's close game against LSU probably throws a little more spice into Saban's pregame speech as well.

Bama, easy.


Word is that President Gouge is on the hunt for a new coach. I've already felt that this team had given up on the year, and I don't think running into Georgia helps. Aaron Murray and crew will pick apart the undersized Auburn defense, and the seats at Jordan-Hare will be empty by the end of the third.


And there you have it. Let's take this last month strong.

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