Saturday, November 3, 2012

Confidence, Week I Lost Count

Another late start to the day - and this time, for no reason at all. Didn't go out last night, so can't blame that. But let's just go with the attitude that I'm clear headed.

But clear headed or not: we're 15-3 on the year.

Clear Hearts, Clear Minds, Can't Lose.



Whichever way you lean. If you can't win next Tuesday, let's make sure we win today.

Confidence strikes us yet again.

Richt and family hosting Ole Miss. I've seen Ole Miss in person - and their game against Auburn was a somersault away from giving Auburn a chance to tie the game late.

Georgia is much better than that.

Georgia -13'

West Coast, y'all... I'm going against my buddy LT here - so that's how confident I am. Oregon is going to score, score, and score some more. Chip Kelly is going to use this as a recruiting tool against Lane Kiffin - because Lane would do the same to him. Latest line had this at 8 points, and as always, I like to get a little help.

Oregon -7'

Best of luck to all you. Some good football today, so let's all be much more productive than a guy who woke up at 11:04am would be otherwise.

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