Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 12 Confidence Plays

18-4 on the year, and you're welcome for that.

Read an article this morning that today could be the last day that Auburn fans get to roll the oaks on Toomer's Corner. That's sad. Such a shame for that idiot to do that to the Auburn fan base.

Probably also going to be the last win for Gene Chizik at Auburn - 'cause I don't think he'll be back. My latest frontrunners for the Auburn gig... Bobby Petrino and Gus Malzahn.

I love Malzahn, but they had better hire Petrino. And all those folks sitting on high horses... do you want to win football games or not? Because that's what Bobby Petrino does. All he's got to do is come out and say, "I'm sorry," and then start winning games. All will be forgiven and forgotten.

And one more quick tidbit from the week - I found it hysterical that Derek Dooley had to say (paraphrasing) that he wasn't fired as far as he knew. And I'm pretty sure that the way he described his meeting with Dave Hart, he had to ask him if he was fired. Would of loved to of been a fly on the wall there.

Now, on to the cash money.


Arkansas visits Mississippi State, and while they have stumbled of late, I won't abandon State for good. (Although they won't win ten games like they should have.) State's laying 4', and I'm happy to give it. Mostly because this line started at 6', and I'm happy to pick up two points for free.

Tyler Russell plays well against bad defenses, and Arkansas... yeah, that D is bad.


Late evening game, with Oregon hosting Stanford. Line on this game is 20, with a total of 65'. Which of these am I going with?


Team totals, kids. Team totals. All I need from Oregon is just a hair more than six TDs. NO PROBLEM.

CONFIDENCE: Oregon team total OVER 43

Best of luck today.

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