Saturday, August 31, 2013

Confidence Plays, 2013. Week 1

I hit 81% last year because I kept it simple, and kept it to things I knew. Let's hope for the best this year.

I'll be in Atlanta today, so I hope to catch some good video of Alabama fans looking foolish. I've brought a charger for my phone.

The picks:

LSU -3'

I hear some folks are getting this all the way up at 6, but on the ground, we've still got it at 4. As always, I recommend getting that extra half point.

Mississippi St/Oklahoma state UNDER 64

There's as much buzz for Tyler Russell as there can be, I guess. But State (#Hail) is better suited to keep it close. I bet they slow it down, and still struggle offensively. I favor SEC defenses in general to be able to cover the space required going against teams like Oklahoma State. And 64 is a LOT of points. Total started at 60, so we've already picked up 4 whole points.

Good luck.

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