Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fox Sports 1's First Full Week In the Book

Variety had a ratings report on Fox Sports 1's first full week...

It didn't go so well.

Lots of thoughts on Fox Sports 1 (& 2!), but I'm keeping this primarily to a few things I noticed in the article.

1) WJOX in Birmingham had more unique daily listeners than Fox Sports 1 had average daily viewers. (For statistics nerds, I understand that those are two different statistics being compared. The point is to point out how few people nationwide were watching.)

2) ESPN is in only 85% of households? Where the hell are the people without ESPN? Are they okay? Should we call and check in on them?

Like the article states, Fox Sports 1 will likely find it's groove once more live events come in to the rotation. It will also help when their midday programming is settled. While they have loads of commentators on their nightly programs, they are lacking in the general 'sportscenter'-types. So far as I have seen, there is no midday "Fox Sports Live" for news - just one minute break-ins ("3 Things You Need To Know"). Instead, we're left watching stuff that we probably could of seen anyway on Fox Sports South.

Program development in their middays will help with that daily average, as well as working the bugs out. ("Crowd Goes Wild"? I've got a Dead Sea Scroll full of suggestions for that show...)

Success in all this won't be determined for another 18 months. If at the beginning of 2015 you see a bunch of staff reductions, then you'll know Fox is bailing. But it ain't over, there's plenty of time before that. It can be tough when your target has a thirty year head start.

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