Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Rules Are Not the Same For Everyone... Particularly the NCAA

I know this doesn't matter, and it's not necessarily news - but anyone on Johnny Football's side has a right to feel that the kid is getting a raw deal.

Student-athlete stalwart Jay Bilas was good enough to tweet out a link to this item...

So this isn't supposed to be a Johnny "Football" jersey?

Look, I hear all the folks who, "He should get paid! Why does everyone else profit off of Johnny Football, but he can't?" Well, argue that until you're blue in the face, 'cause rules is rules. Right or wrong, the rule is that Johnny Football can't make money off the name 'Johnny Football'... yet.

Only the NCAA can do that.

So, the opinion that the kid should make some money doesn't matter. If you break the speed limit, but tell the cop that you "should be able to go 85", it doesn't matter.

The cop can go 85. You can't.

Fair or not.

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