Saturday, September 14, 2013

Confidence, Week 3

Just got done with a TV hit in Sacramento to talk Johnny Pinata (yep, I had a hand in that). You can check it out somewhere on the Good Day Sacramento site.

But you don't care about me (but why don't you??)... you care about picks.

We are a paltry 2-2 on the year. I haven't gone 0-fer in a long, long time, so I'm very disappointed in how last week played out. I will state again that the Florida play was the correct play, you just can't anticipate them throwing the ball up going in from the 20 over and over again. Ridiculous, and a bad beat.

This week. Yep, Game of the Millenium. At least for this week. But isn't it kind of odd that the Game of the ALL TIME is like a 9 point spread? That's because of storylines. Don't let your money get distracted by storylines. It needs to be focused. I've got it at 8', and you should, too.


The other game? Let's go to the Plains. Points a'plenty. Malzahn and Mullen are going to try and out offense each other, and 52 points ain't enough.


0-2 last week? Pssssh. Let's flip that back right.

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