Saturday, September 28, 2013

Confidence, Week 5

I really don't even know what to say about this. In a year of some really bad beats and backdoor covers going against us, last week - I was just wrong. No complaints, just admission. We are 2-6 on the year.

But we move on. Through adversity comes triumph, I say.

I'm going back to keeping it close to the vest - and not reaching. This is what we know:

The Picks:

LSU +3

Hell, I would just take them straight up. (And I might.) But this has all the makings of disappointment for the Dawgs. Georgia has been tested mightily to this point of the season, and they have responded well, despite the loss to Clemson. However, (and every team is different) LSU's recent history of playing well on the road is something that factors in for me. This is a field goal game, and usually the home field will sway a few points towards the host. LSU is just so consistent on offense and always great defensively - I think that wipes away any home field advantage. LSU wins a close one, straight up. (But take the points.)

Bama -14

Buy the half point. There's been all this scare talk all week, but who is broadcasting the game? Oh - ESPN. They've got to sell eyeballs, folks. Telling you Bama is going to win by 3 touchdowns, doesn't bring in the casual viewer.

Unless Ole Miss' defenders all tacked on 40 pounds since last year, they are going to get pushed around. Could be the week that the Bama offensive line gets things straight. They've yet to truly dominate the line of scrimmage battle - and it's week 5. About time they got that figured out, and I think that this is the week that they do. Ole Miss keeps this close for awhile, but Bama pulls away to win by more than two scores.

Go get it.

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