Saturday, October 5, 2013

Confidence, Week 6

No early games this week, so no one freak out.

A win and a push is better than 2 losses as we get this all turned around. We now sit at 3-6-1 on the confidence this year. And with all the bad beats we've had, it's time the magic rolled back towards us. I'm feeling better about things, and let's see it pay off.

Some good games this week, at least to watch. I can't believe CBS chose Tennessee/Florida over Ole Miss/Auburn - apparently the suits at CBS think it's 1997. The better game will be down on the plains tonight.

But we care about picks, so let's get to that.

LSU -6'

Now, I'm finding this game all over the place. Scores and Odds has it 9, other places all the way down to 6. Don't ask me. But if I can get it at 6'... then I'm taking that sucker. You should, too. LSU was just caught by the clock in the UGA matchup (whoever would of had the ball back with reasonable time would of won that game). And they show they can and will score points.

This is going to get ugly in Starkville.

Georgia -12'

Another case of my 'Top 3/Bottom 3' theory, (although now it's either Top 3/Bottom 4) Georgia and Tennessee recruit heavily against each other, and when one has the upper hand - they like to keep it pressed down for as long as they can. Tennessee has shown a propensity to do nothing well against mediocre teams and even less against good ones. With that running game, for Georgia to eventually move up two scores and hold it... no problem. Go Dawgs.

There's also a nod to Ohio State in their game, but that would go beyond my deal here. Do what you must.

Good luck.

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