Saturday, November 30, 2013

Nick Saban Isn't The Only One Going Undefeated Today... Week 14 Confidence Plays

Yep, there's a clue in that title on how I think the Iron Bowl is going to go.

I hope you survived Black Friday. You people who participate in that Wal-Mart/Hunger Games-style shit are a bunch of idiots. No way in hell I'd ever be around that many people. Really - you want to see the worst of society, watch those Black Friday Wal-Mart fight videos. I could do about 7,000 words on this, so let's digress. Now, on to football...

A B.S. backdoor cover from Indiana kept us from a 2-0 week last week, so we must move on and make the most of our post Turkey Day weekend activities. 10-15-1 on the year, as we just couldn't dig out of that early hole that Lane Kiffin dug for us in September.

So let's do this, and then roll big in Championship Week and the Bowls:



Sad to say, but the Duke dream stops short here. No luck with Miami whipping Pittsburgh earlier, the pressure is on Duke to win on the road for their ACC championship appearance. Duke or Miami in the championship game... what do you think is supposed to happen? Riding a five game win streak with some fairly impressive wins over BC and Pitt, UNC is finishing off the year well after a tumultuous September and early October. And even there losses there (for the most part) were competitive games. UNC is a decent team that just figured it out too late in the year. Duke football is... Duke football.


As of this posting, has it at 10'. So, of course, I'm telling you to buy that hook. If I'm picking against your team, I guess that means I'm a homer, however, I look at a greatly improved Auburn team that has been playing out of its mind - and greatly relying on the unfortunate play of others. While this Alabama team hasn't been as sharp this season (the penalties, in particular), the defensive speed is still there to cover from sideline to sideline, and they can still tackle in space. That combination is not good for the Tigers. I also don't believe that Auburn can stop Alabama on any consistent basis, and unless they are going to suit up Cam Newton, any two-score deficit for Auburn will be major trouble. Home crowd helps, but Bama wins by 14.

And there you have it. Go make millions.

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