Saturday, November 2, 2013

Week 10 Confidence

Finally a 2-0 weekend. Felt like forever, but it felt so good. Let's keep it rolling.

Alabama's got a bye week, so that means every church in the state is slammed with a compromised wedding date. We need a study done on the number of weddings that are crammed into this one day. And do any churches double up? How about preachers - one early church wedding, then they run over to a country club, then to a farm wedding? Must be hectic.

Now on to the confidence. We are 7-10-1 on the year, looking for more 2-0s. Here's where we found one:

Virginia Tech -3'

Va Tech lost to Duke last week. They aren't that bad. Boston College struggles to score against anyone that isn't Army. They are consistently poor. Big believer in the Hokies today, despite being on the road. While Va Tech has been awful (terrible, really) with turnovers, it would take an extensive amount of turnovers to keep BC close. The smart play is Virginia Tech, and we are going to be smart.

Miami +21'

I know. Jameis and company are awesome, and they've been laying the wood to everybody. But I'm sensing a bit of that ESPN-sell going on, and I usually jump against that. Ordinarily, ESPN is selling me on how close a matchup it's going to be (FSU/Clemson, for example), and it ends up as a blowout. Now, they're selling me on the "Is there any way Miami keeps this close?" I think that ends up in locker rooms, and Miami is loaded with talented players. Talented players that now have a wall of extra motivation, and will likely be more focused, more intense than they have all season.

This is a three touchdown spread only because Miami has put themselves in bad spots this year - not because someone else did it to them. (I've been watching the Canes each weekend.) Miami's intensity level will be through the roof... and you're giving me three touchdowns? Thanks, I'll take it.

There you have it. Let today be the day we pay for the kids' college education. Harvard or Yale?