Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week 11 Confidence

Hola, mis amigos.

0-fer last week. And believe me, I'm just as upset about it as you are. But we must move forward. And away we go...

Texas A&M -19

Arkansas let me down big time last weekend, and now I'm totally convinced that they just can't play. With Johnny Football slinging (and maybe inspired to get back to forefront of Heisman, as Mariota's stock is way low), I believe in three scores advantage for A&M. Lots of points at home for the Aggies.

Alabama -10

I've seen this number up to 12, but on my check just now has it at 10'. Buy the half point for cushion. These matchups can't always go down to the last possession, right? Don't think it will today. Not a blowout, but a nice comfortable win for Alabama, who I believe will play conservative - only way this gets close is LSU getting +2 in turnovers. Don't think that will happen.

I'm heading down to Tuscaloosa on a bus with a bunch of fools shortly. Ought to be a good time. Follow me on Twitter for updates. @harry_long